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Manage your waiting line

Instant payment

Customer notifications

Qano - Instant Payment Solutions

Prepare the order, receive the payment, notify the customer





2 fields to fill, simple and effective!

Enter the customer’s mobile phone number and the amount, and an instant SMS will automatically be sent.


The customer pays using the SMS received.

The payment will be made on a secure page using a pre-filled form.


Fulfill the order!

The customer will receive an SMS indicating that he can enter your business to collect his order.

Qano offers you simplicity

No configuration on your part.

No form to fill, easy for everyone.

Your account will be operational within 24 hours (upon approval).


Efficient Dashboard

All the information you need at a glance!

All in one space

No need to refresh your page. Submit and review all in one place.

In real time

Instantly see your paid orders and the orders that are ready to move from one section to another in your dashboard.


When the order is ready, notify the customer with one simple click.


Diminish contact

Our new reality is heading towards a decrease in [physical] contact, and with the help of our prepayment system, no one will have to operate a payment terminal. In addition, this will allow better control over the traffic within your business.


Accelerated process

As the steps are reduced, you will be able to maintain a good pace in order to effectively serve more customers.

By allowing customers to wait for SMS reception in their vehicle, you create a more secure and comfortable environment.

Affordable and with no hidden fees!

2 plans, choose according to your needs, with or without instant payments.

Waiting line and payments

Transaction fee

4% + $1 per transaction

Monthly fee

50$ per month

System configuration

$150 - one-time fee

Waiting line only

Transaction fee

$0.50 per transaction

Monthly fee

$25 per month

System configuration

$75 - one-time fee


Qano is a division of Multi-Graf Inc.

A business established for over 20 years.

Qano, division of Multi-Graf Inc.

9635 Clement, LaSalle, QC H8R 4B4

514.364.6341 -

"Our values are based on customer satisfaction and the quality of our services."

Lisa and Jonathan, Owners


Contact us now : 514.364.6341

Qano is a division of Multi-Graf Inc.

All rights reserved

Try it now!

Enter your mobile phone number, you will receive a Qano instant payment SMS as if you were the customer.




For a limited time, apply to our support program for COVID-19. Upon approval, you will get 50% off the configuration fees and 2 free monthly payments!

For a limited time only, upon approval

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